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Preliminary Round 1

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October 2, 2022 - Stockton Civic Memorial Auditorium

Advancing Individual Winners

Ricky Melendez            Submission  1:00:54   4 pts
Delani Mitchell                           KO  1:00:24   5 pts
Corbin Deadwiley                   TKO  1:01:05    5 pts
Ashley Estruth               Split Decision (loss)   1 pts
James Guidry                             KO  2:02:31   5 pts


Advancing Team Score          21 pts

Scoring Anchor
Grappling Hands.jpg
Daniel Renteria     Mounted Triangle choke        1 pt

Advancing Individual Winners

Aisha Wells              Split Decision (win)    2 pts

Team Score                          4 pts

Grappling Hands.jpg
Alec Acuvera         Triangle choke                         1 pt

Adolfo DeLaCruz           via points                         1pt
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